Short-Term Faculty-led Study Abroad

                                                       About Study Abroad

There are several types of study abroad programs.  Some are long term, lasting a full semester or more. Others are shorter, spanning only a couple of weeks or less.  Short term faculty-led study away trips are the fastest growing types of university foreign study programs.

We provide you with support from the minute you start thinking about studying abroad, to the day when you return home again...and everything in between! During the pre-departure process, and Student Accounts Team will help you find and apply to the right program, figure out your funding options, work with your home university to ensure your credits transfer, prepare for international travel and study, and have a successful experience abroad.

The Empowerment Office of Career Planning teaches individuals to understand and use the career development process as they seek local, national, and global employment opportunities.  Through collaborative and innovative programs and services, our office empowers students to become thoughtful and competent citizen leaders who contribute to the ever evolving world of employment.

The Office of Career Planning offers the tools and insight to shape meaningful internship and employment experiences and serves as a critical resource, assisting students in engaging their passions and achieving their personal mission.

                                                      Why Study Away?

Participating in a study abroad program can be one of the most fulfilling experiences of a students academic career.  Study abroad programs help students broaden their perspectives and develop a worldview unique to an international traveler.  For educators, leading a study abroad program in which you can see your students grow and learn outside the classroom is a gratifying and enriching career experience.


"International experience is one of the most important components of a twenty-first century education." - President of the Institute of International Education, Dr. Allen Goodman